Hurricane Heroes

This picture taken from our patio several years ago serves as a reminder that weather in Texas can be a dangerous thing.

Recently Hurricane Harvey ravaged Houston and the surrounding areas, leaving many people homeless. Scores of people drowned in the aftermath. As the death count rose, we saw a plethora of individuals helping rescue the less fortunate. Some of those rescuers had no idea if they even had a home to return to, but they still continued saving the lives of people they’d never met.

Within a week’s time, Hurricane Irma severely impacted the state of Florida. Once again, rescuers rose to the occasion and saved countless lives. Like many of you I was glued to the television, watching strangers helping strangers, putting their own lives on the line. Some of the real life heroes were: Red Cross workers, police officers, fire fighters, nurses, doctors, teachers, concerned neighbors, and a “dreamer” from Lufkin, Texas.

The rescuers got me to thinking about what constitutes real life heroes–the ones readers truly care about. In this case they were everyday people, not politicians dressed in expensive suits, although several made a point of visiting the affected areas. I’ll stop there, resisting the temptation to call these well thought out photo ops. Nor were the rescuers billionaires who broker deals on Wall Street. The real heroes were everyday people who couldn’t bear the thought of others suffering and stepped up—expecting nothing in return. While it’s true that many wealthy individuals stepped up to donate large sums of money, it’s a well-known fact that the less fortunate are the first to reach out and give to those in need.

As a writer, I’ve been inspired by these “hurricane heroes” and plan to include more ordinary people in my works; people like the wonderful foster family who took me in as a child when I had no where else to go. Who knows, maybe I’ll have my heroine be the lovely waitress in Ireland at our hotel who worked a double shift and doted on us as though she was our daughter. Consider leaving a comment about the real heroes in your own life-the type folks would like to read about.

You are all my heroes, and I’m thankful you took the time to read this!

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