Lasting Legacies. . .

On August 10th, Jim and I  celebrate 43 years of marriage. To quote Jim, “These have been the 5 happiest years of my life!” (the joke never gets old!) The years have been kind to us, and we remain grateful for each other.

Our Wedding 081073Gay & JimHere is part of the wedding invitation we sent our guests: “We have made a human decision to love each other for life.” It’s probably a bit simplistic, but it’s worked well for us: that, plus a huge dose of humor!

Now that I’m fully retired from college teaching, I’m enjoying quilting with my good friend, Holly Barr. My most recent work is a character quilt representing each of the Hanlon sisters in my Crescent Falls Series. For those of you who’ve read all four books, you can probably look at this character quilt and figure out the two patches that represent each girl in the series. (Maggie, Clare, Sarah, and Chloe) I tossed in a couple extra patches for the matriarch, Helen, and her husband, Ken. I love when art forms (writing and quilting, in my case) come together.


The last picture on the right is our latest endeavor: making goats milk soap and lotion. Our lovely granddaughter, Livi considers the goat we milk (Little Goat) to be hers because she named her. So…we had to name the lotion after her, didn’t we?

Many readers wanted the Crescent Falls Series to be in print. Thanks to my husband, you may purchase them from amazon in printed form. I am proud to have dedicated the 4th book to my classmates of Osseo High. We will celebrate our 50th HS reunion on Aug. 27th in Maple Grove, MN. I’ll let you know all about it when I return! Enjoy the rest of your summer!



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