Surprising the Cynic

Not much gets past me since Jim and I tied the knot 43 years ago. I’d like to think I can pretty much predict what he’ll get me for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and my birthday. Call me crazy, but I’m convinced that undergraduate degree in psychology I received decades ago gives me an edge. Or so I thought…

I’m sharing my Christmas story now because it ties in with the theme of Valentine’s Day. For Christmas I often receive perfume or jewelry–both items which I adore. For Valentine’s Day, I generally receive two cards (one from the donkeys, goats, and dogs–one from hubby) and either a box of candy, flowers or perfume.

These are the critters that keep Jim from traveling. In addition to these guys, we have four dogs who cost a fortune to board!

I’d pretty much given up on my dreams of traveling to another country (I’ve never owned a passport) when Jim sat me down on Christmas morning and insisted I open my presents in numerical order (something not terribly unusual for an accountant, I suppose). So…here they are…from┬átop to bottom…

And there you have it; a tiny book of Irish Blessings, a DVD of The Quiet Man, starring the “Duke” and Maureen O’Hara, my favorite singing group, Celtic Woman, and a Celtic calendar.

The 5th and final gift was a lovely, red box that I assumed held jewelry. Never mind that hubby was rolling his eyes, wondering why I wasn’t more excited about my gifts, but as I told you in the title, I’m a cynic, and the notion that Jim would leave behind all our animals and take me to Ireland escaped me. He’d gone so far as to weigh down the jewelry box with an old watch so that I’d think it really was jewelry. And there, lying at the very top of the box, something I’d missed while pouring through it, was an itinerary of our trip to Ireland. The moral of this story is that romance is alive and well. Never give up on your dreams, and most importantly, never, ever believe that you’ve got this marriage thing all figured out. Because–you don’t.

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