The Luck of the Irish!

This past Christmas my husband, Jim, surprised me with a trip to Ireland. Jim rarely leaves our plethora of four legged critters which include: two miniature donkeys, two goats, and four dogs, but to my relief, he was willing to turn their care over to someone else for eight days. That, in itself, was a miracle! On May 30th, we flew to the lush, amazing countryside of Ireland. Everything about this trip was spectacular and I’d be lying if I didn’t confess that I’m seriously contemplating an Irish setting for my next novel. You can probably tell by the pictures why I fell so utterly and completely in love with Ireland.

I learned a great deal about the Irish and was enormously impressed with their strong work ethic. The sweet young lady at our hotel served us a fabulous dinner at 7:00 PM, and when I went down to breakfast the following morning, she was there once again. When we expressed surprise at how many hours she put it, she expressed gratitude for having a job she could count on.

Those of you following me on Facebook probably know that after a dozen years of writing, one of my books, Last Chance Texas has been picked up by Soul Mate Publishing. For me (and, yes, I know some authors make millions of dollars self-publishing), having a publishing house offer me a contract is a dream come true. The road to publication is a challenging one, and as I seek to build my fan base, I hope you’ll support me. If you aren’t following me on Facebook, I encourage you to consider doing that. Invite your friends. ( I just joined bookbub and am just starting to find followers. Once I acquire followers, I’ll begin discounting my books for you. (

I count myself lucky to have you as a support system and wish you many blessings this year. May the luck of the Irish be with you (and I’m certain it has been for me in 2017!)

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