The Real Scoop on Tessa’s Writing Space . . .


This week’s prompt is an important one. Authors were asked to discuss their writing space and talk about an area they’ve carved out for themselves to create well written novels. Since my Dream Catchers Series is based on my experiences at the annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Alpine, Texas, I snagged one of our spare bedrooms and set up my cowboy headquarters. Decorating it to match the themes in my books was an enjoyable way for me to not only brand myself, but helped my settings become more authentic.

Tessa's Cowboy Quilt (2)

Tessa's Office (2)

The daybed shows off the cowboy quilt I made to go along with my series. My daughter-in-law’s stepmother, Kim, who is a big supporter of my writing endeavors, gave me the fabric, and I think of her generosity every time I look over at the daybed. I love the subtle colors and it makes me almost feel like I’m not working when I look over at the bed. Sometimes my husband comes in to keep me company and relaxes here as I write. The desk is a new addition to the room and I place all the things that inspire me here: my cowboy poetry coffee mug, a picture of my husband and I at my first book signing, and my cowboy lamp. The picture hanging above my desk is of the 25th Cowboy Poetry Gathering, and just looking at it briefly brings back a flood of memories. Changing the ambience of where I write has doubled my productivity. For that reason, I encourage all of you to try and carve out that special writing space.

And now let’s take a minute to see what author Brenda Margriet does to create her perfect space. I encourage you to view her website and read her contemporary and romantic suspense novels with “happily ever after” endings!

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