American portrait of a young woman farmer Indian Summer

These two women’s fiction novels have a Texas flair and are based in the west Texas town of Alpine. Last Chance Texas was published on June 28th of this year by Soul Mate Publishing. Stars Over Texas is an indie book available on Amazon. Those readers drawn to family sagas and real life situations will particularly enjoy these novels.

The Crescent Falls series deals with the Hanlon sisters as each struggles with their father’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. These four novellas make excellent book club reads and are available in print and digital on Amazon. Follow the four sisters as each one strives to strike that delicate between pursuing their own happiness, and being a responsible daughter. As Maggie Clare, Sarah, and Chloe struggle, a letter from their father offers them clarity, peace, hope, and closure.

The Arrangement is a poignant and humorous short story about an elderly woman in an assisted living center communicating with her deceased husband as they try their hand at matchmaking. The story is loosely based on Tessa’s experiences working as an aide at a nursing home in Minnesota decades ago.